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Lead your team to the future with Talend.

The first stride in your journey is the most important. Making the decision to transition your company into the future begins with making informed decisions about your business needs. With more precision & broader awareness, Active Cyber experts consult & implement software that will increase your companys’ performance & shift productivity from average to exceptional with Talend.

Active Cyber puts your data to work for you with Talend Data Fabric!

Our experts at Active Cyber will ask you important questions to determine the right decision for your company.
We partner with Talend which provides a single, unified platform for Data Integration, Data Integrity, Data Governance, and Real-Time Data delivery.

When Active Cyber implements Talend you make every decision with confidence.

Active Cyber Partners with Talend Data Fabric. Allow our expert Consultants and Implementation Specialists to inform you about how your Company will gain combined Data Integration & Governance in a single unified platform. When we implement Talend, you will be provided at-a-glance assessments of your data’s quality, relevance & popularity: ensuring that every employee is informed and confident they are getting the data they need. 

Are you ready to begin?

Let Active Cyber Consult and & Implement the right software to enhance your unique business.

How will Talend benefit your Company?

Your company will immediately build customer loyalty and enthusiasm, improve operational efficiency, save money & reduce risk. We love that Talends’ software ensures regulatory compliance while innovating and improving how you run your business! Why wait? Active Cyber will show you how to reap the rewards of your vested interests.

Active Cyber will consult with you to determine how your Company will benefit from Talend.

Whether you need:​

Talends' Data Fabric has it all. 

Together, we can simplify and streamline your business with Talend.

Active Cyber Consults with you to integrate Talend.

When We implement Talend, your Company immediately gains access to a myriad of unique benefits


Simplify your Data Landscape with a self-service product that combines Data and Application Integration, Data Quality, and Governance.


Get instant insight into what data to trust, diagnostics and tools to fix the data that doesn’t measure up.


Connect virtually with any Data Source or destination, deploy anywhere, and scale easily with the latest Data & Analytics Platforms.

It's Our mission to help your Company on its professional quest.

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