Active Cyber Helps You Discover Valuable Insights & Clean Your Data with Talend

When Talend’s pattern recognition and data profiling is applied, you gain understanding and insight into your data which provides an accurate picture of all your datasets. Talend uniquely delivers pervasive capability across their platform and apps, enabling everything from discovering data inconsistencies and guidance through through the remediation process, to data cleansing so that anyone in your organization can participate.

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Create a Single Source of Trusted Data and Shape the Structure of Your Modern Data Library

Talend platform provides the single point of control for documenting data along with back-office capabilities, where data stewards can maintain data and make it easy and attractive to find and consume. 

Using the collaborative data management features in the Talend platform, such as self-service data preparation or data stewardship orchestrated workflows, your organization can engage your stakeholders for better data.

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Talend’s Automation and Enablement Allows Your Organization to Run More Effectively

Through Talend’s Data Cloud Platform you can enable your workforce to:

      • Learn with ML for remediation
      • Use Talend’s cloud apps for easy access to data
      • Publish trusted data with API services
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