Workday Adaptive Planning with QuickBooks Desktop

Pull data to Workday Adaptive Planning from Quickbooks with ease, speed, and low cost.

From the simplest standpoint, what our SDK will allow you to do is to pull data directly into your Workday Adaptive Planning sheets on an automated cadence, or with the push of a single button. Increase speed of reporting and enhance planning by utilizing more data from your Quickbooks Desktop instance.

How excited would your administrators, planners, and analysts be with increased data, at a rapid speed for decision making, reporting, and creating visualizations in the planning platform they know and love? How happy would your Quickbooks Desktop and Workday Adaptive Planning administrators be if they could quickly and easily ensure timely and accurate data without having to build complex integrations, purchase another service, or go through the efforts of exporting data from one platform manually and then importing to another platform manually?

Technical Requirements: Virtual Machine – Preferably Linux, however Windows is also no problem. Please reach out to today to learn more about taking advantage of this product!

Change Management

An organization’s ability to successfully manage change has become critical to maintaining a competitive edge in an era of rapid technological advancement and increasing global competition. A recent report on the frequency of change in the workplace suggests that as many as 375 million workers worldwide will face significant changes in their workplaces by 2030. Change – be it structural, strategic, or technical – comes with a myriad of challenges, ranging from ineffective communication and competing resource requirements to lack of buy-in and resistance among employees. A failure to plan for these challenges has led to a reported 70% failure rate in attempted organizational change over the past several years.

Change requires active planning and hands-on management before, during, and after implementation that focuses on building a long-term company culture of learning and innovation. Successful change in the workplace demands more than designing processes and handing them down to employees; instead, an organization’s aptitude for change is rooted in how well it is able identify and effectively mobilize agents of change and key stakeholders internally, mitigate risks and resistance, and continuously monitor performance.

Change Management shifts the concept of change away from a one-time, top-down order towards a collaborative process with lasting effects on company culture and an organization’s ability to seize new opportunities for growth and innovation. An effective and comprehensive Change Management strategy is vital for companies looking to not only keep pace with the innovation curve, but to become leaders of the curve through flexibility, communication, and adaptability.

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A Case Study: Using Workday Adaptive Planning for a Comprehensive View into Total Compensation and Corporate Bonuses

Company Overview:

A leading software-driven cloud networking solution provider for large data center storage and computing environments.


The company’s sales employee compensation environment is strongly structured around a comprehensive portfolio of bonuses, equity, and stock options. In the existing Workday environment they had lots of information; however, HR lacked a planning model that showed compensation in 3 month, 6 month, and 12 month increments for forward looking compensation decision making. Lacking this visibility made calculating compensation packages a complicated and arduous task with very little ability to forecast different compensation scenarios.


With Workday Adaptive Planning, Active Cyber and Core Team were able to build a forecasting environment which provided a comparative view of future total compensation visibility, catered to this company’s individual needs and taking into consideration equity and stock options as well as regular compensation. Through the power of Workday Adaptive Planning, Active Cyber also provided the ability to model this data over various lengths of time with very little effort. This change has streamlined and revolutionized HR and Finance’s ability to accurately and efficiently forecast total compensation with autonomy. With the success of this instance, this company also plans to have Active Cyber implement Workday Adaptive Planning for Finance.

It is important to note that this instance of Workday Adaptive Planning, developed and implemented by Active Cyber, is a landmark first of its kind solution: providing a comprehensive view into total compensation and corporate bonus modeling. Active Cyber continually strives to stay ahead of the curve and developing innovative uses cases such as these to meet each customer’s unique needs and increase the ROI of a Workday Adaptive Planning purchase.