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Why Security Sequencer?

User Access Bloat:

Access Bloat happens when Users gain an arsenal of access they no longer require to fulfill their job. While companies must trust their people, there is no need to allow Users access to sensitive data they no longer require. Opportunities for breach of intellectual property grow as Users’ access grows.

Revoke Privledges With Ease!

Wasted Capital:

Employees change rolls, receive promotions, and are terminated in every company. Each time an employees job function changes, additional access is granted. What is not addressed is existing access, leading to wasted capital. When your company pays for software, and User privileges’ are not revoked from programs or platforms they no longer require; you’re essentially spending money on additional access for personnel who no longer require it.

Subconscious Security...

One Goal:

Other tools claim to automate the entire identity management process, but Security Sequencer targets one thing, at a fraction of the cost when compared to other providers. Our advanced AI pinpoints the access decisions it finds most concerning. Every one of your access decisions are evaluated daily by using your continuously fluctuating business data.

Daily Requests

New Access approved daily by a Manager only represents a small portion of all access decisions the Manager must address.

Existing Access Over Time

In addition to reviewing New Access requests, Management must ensure that all historical access previously granted to each User is still appropriate.

Access Evaluation Backlog

As new access is granted to new & existing Users, the backlog of access decisions that require accurate analysis grows exponentially.

Develop User Access Models

With Ease!

Mathematical Modeling of access based on peer groups allows your clients to make decisions instantly without engaging application SMEs.

Identity Intelligence With

Okta + Security Sequencer

Okta’s Identity Intelligence enables rapid automation and dynamic risk modeling which on it’s own provides companies with outstanding protection. However, it does have limitations, at Active Cyber we believe it is time identity assessments go beyond maturity models. Identity assessments must objectively quantify risks and define precise metrics that can be managed and used to maximize investment. This is where Security Sequencer’s AI makes managing risk even easier. True Lifecyle management requires knowing the precise access your people need to perform their job, and Security Sequencer does just that.

Two Powerful Tools Working Together

To Accomplish one Goal:

Many claim to automate the entire identity management process, but Security Sequencer focuses on one thing, and we do it well. Combined with the power of Okta, Security Sequencers advanced AI identifies fine grained risk. Security Sequencer automatically alerts your clients when it identifies applications with the most in appropriate access. Most often, they’re not the ones companies would automatically consider suspicious. Security Sequencer also determines systematic access issues within the organization while identifying user types who have been granted too much access, or are over provisioned

Why security sequencer with okta?

Automated Access Models:

Selling Security Sequencer with Okta is a no brainer. Simply remind your clients of how it works! Security Sequencer will identify parts of their organization that would benefit from automated provisioning due to the volume of new user requests and complexity of Access. This means your clients will be saving money by not paying for unnecessary user access to expensive software! Security Sequencer also rapidly develops access models with little to no input required form the business, meaning your clients get the most out of their employees valuable time. Leave the mundane repetitive tasks and checks to our advanced AI, and allow their talented team to work on expanding business growth.

Complete Departmental Role mining 70% Faster with our Security Sequencer Identity Analytics tools!

Why our clients Live us:

Faster, Smarter, Easier!

Our average clients have demonstrated 70% faster complete role mining processes for departments with our identity analytics tool, at a fraction of the cost! When compared to manual top-down role mining methods, Active Cyber and Security Sequencer has the old tech beat.

How do we accomplish this?

Let's show you

Step One

Our AI conducts Pointintime investigations & continuous monitoring of Access.

Step Two

Access is compared to peers across thousands of data sets.

Step Three

 Access is verified as appropriate with intuitive visualization.

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