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Bring your company & workforce into the future

The first stride in your journey is the most important. Making the decision to transition your company into the future begins with making informed decisions about your Companys’ needs. With more precision & broader awareness,  Active Cyber experts Consult & Implement software that will increase your business security, & shift productivity from average to exceptional with Sailpoint.

Does your company have provision with confidence?

Our expert consultants & implementation specialists utilize our software partners Sailpoint to help your company work securely anywhere, while providing compliant access for your team. When Active Cyber implements Sailpoint, your company will be able to immediately integrate new employees with confidence & connect everyone. Sailpoint even allows your company to protect access to collaboration tools & data.  Let our experts demonstrate how Sailpoint can simplify pre-merger preparation, rapidly define access privileges for users, define roles, departments & job functions!  We’d love to inform you on how Sailpoint will streamline your unique business while you reap the rewards of your vested interests.

Active Cyber will provide your company secure access & identity governance with Sailpoint!

We can show you how to work smart; you already work hard. Create secure, engaging experiences for your employees and customers. Make informed choices.  Active Cyber will implement the right analytics and AI platform for your business. When Active Cyber implements Sailpoint, simply sit back and enjoy peace of mind while watching your performance skyrocket to the next level.​

Active cyber wants to know....Can you protect your company at scale?

Ask yourself a few questions:

If you’re unsure of any of these questions or the answer is no, active cyber can help you automate, understand, optimize and secure your companys’ access with sailpoint.

Are you certian your company is compliant?

When active cyber experts implement sailpoint, you can be certain that your company is being completely compliant & safeguarded. Sailpoint protects some of the most regulated industries like government, healthcare, & higher education. With sailpoint you will receive the benefit of implementing important controls that will enforce compliance with policies; which makes sure your users always have the right access. This not only keeps your organization secure — but audit ready also! 

Compliance is key for a healthy company

At Active Cyber we understand that compliance is essential & requires time, attention & effort to maintain. This is especially true when employees are promoted, switch rolls, or leave the Company. Cloud identity governance automates the work it takes to demonstrate & ensure compliance is being enforced. When policies are implemented, you can be certain the right people are accessing the right information for the right reasons! Then simply review and certify access for any user, at any time. Sailpoint even helps your company maintain compliance with global government regulations including:

When Active Cyber implements Sailpoint:

You’ll gain identity security for multi-cloud infrastructure, applications, data, access management, privileged access management, business, security operations, & robotic process automation. Sailpoint & Active Cyber have solutions for all your identity security needs. Allow our experts to consult with you to find out how Sailpoint can benefit your business!

It's Our mission to help your company on its professional quest.

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