Active Cyber’s Reliable Data Services enable you to Process Data.

      • Inspect and Prepare for Data Ingestion
        • Load data using Web-base GUI
        • Python-based SnowSQL command line client
        • Load from S3 data sources, Azure Blob Storage or GCP’s Google Cloud Storage
        • Load continuous bulk loading data using Snowpipe
      • Ingest Multi-Structured Format
        • Load data from Structured data like flat files and Strings
        • Load most flat, delimited data files (CSV, TSV, etc.)
        • Load data files in JSON, Avro, ORC, Parquet, and XML Semi-Structured format
      • Store and Process Data Efficiently
        • DDLs for Database, Schema, Table, Views,Stored Procs, UDFs
        • Materialized Views, Lateral Views and Transactions
        • Replicating and Synching Databases across Different Regions

Active Cyber’s Reliable Data Services enable you to Visualize Data.

      • Working with Charts
        • View Charts
        • Charts and New Query Results
        • Aggregate and Bucket Data
        • Download Charts
      • Working with Dashboards
        • Create Dashboards
          • Creating a Dashboard from Existing Worksheets
        • Edit Dashboards
          • Rearranging the Order of Charts
          • Editing Charts
          • Editing Worksheets
          • Changing the Tile from a Chart to Query Results
          • Deleting a Tile

Active Cyber’s Reliable Data Services enable you to Share Data and Dashboards.

Support for securely sharing data with other Snowflake accounts
      • Provide data to other accounts to consume
      • Consume data provided by other accounts
Database Replication and Failover
      • Support for replicating and syncing databases across multiple Snowflake accounts in different regions:
        • Replicate databases between Snowflake accounts and keep the database objects and stored data synchronized
        • Configure database failover to one or more Snowflake accounts for business continuity and disaster recovery