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Are you protected?

Your identity matters, and Active Cyber takes your personal information seriously. We partner with Okta– a sophisticated & trusted platform to secure every identity. More than 10,000 Organizations trust Okta’s software and API’s to sign in, authorize & manage users, and we do too.  Active Cyber’s consultants will inform you about the benefits of controlling your online identity & implement this amazing software to keep your stellar reputation safe & secure.

Let Active Cyber consult and implement the right software to enhance your unique business.

Why choose Active Cyber to implement Okta in your business?

Our Accolades:

Our Unique Services Offerings:

Active Cyber tailors Okta's experience for your specific industry.

Active Cyber has implemented Oktas' unique software which can be tailored for industries such as:








Together, we can simplify and streamline your business with Okta.

Active Cyber will implement Oktas’ customer identity to create frictionless registration and login for your apps; while also implementing workforce identity to protect and enable your employees, contractors, and partners. With Active Cyber, we implement Oktas’ stand-up authentication & user management in minutes, then customize & handle complexity as your business grows.

Together, we create a secure platform for your business' online identity and your customers.

Active Cyber will consult with you to determine whether your company needs Workforce Identity to protect & enable your employees, contractors & partners or Customer Identity to create frictionless registration & login for your apps. Then we integrate them into your business platform.

Workforce Identity Protect + enable your employees, contractors + partners

● Securely enable remote work
● Adopt a zero trust security model
● Improve m&a agility
● Reduce it friction
● Move to the cloud
● Collaborate with partners
● Adopt office 360

   Customer Identity Creates frictionless registration + login for your apps

● Transform into a digital platform
● Cultivate user trust 
● Modernize infustructure
● Build highly scaleable apps
● Secure access to apis 
● Protect against account takeover
● Integrate apps

Active Cyber consults with you to integrate Okta products that securely connect the right people to the right technologies at the right time.

We implement the Okta Products that suit your individual business needs.

See what Okta can do for your business:

● Single sign on
● Universal directory
● Advanced server access
● API management
● Authentication
● User management
● B2B integration
● Multifactor authentication
● Lifecycle management
● Access gateway
● Build highly scaleable apps
● Secure access to apis 
● Protect against account takeover 
● Integrate apps

It's our mission to help your company on its professional quest.

We are thrilled to be working with 300+ growing business organizations. Integrating Okta Products are helping companies Nationwide to create secure platforms for their business online identity & their customers. 

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