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Lead your team into the future with DBT.

The first stride in your journey is the most important. Making the decision to transition your company into the future begins with making informed decisions about your business needs. With more precision & broader awareness, Active Cyber experts consult & implement software that will increase your company’s performance & shift productivity from average to exceptional with DBT’s Data Build Tool. 

Active Cyber puts your data to work for you with DBT!

Our experts at Active Cyber ask important questions to determine the right solutions for your company. We’ve partnered with DBT’s Data Build Tool to provide our valued clients with a straightforward, cost effective, open-source Python application allowing your data engineers & analysts to revolutionize your valuable data using Snowflake’s Data Warehouse.

When we implement DBT’s Data Build Tool, your team will gain instant access to: 

All by using modular, standardized SQL queries! 

When Active Cyber implements DBT every decision will be with confidence.

Active Cyber Partners with DBT for a myriad of reasons & are proud to be one of the few companies who have real implementation experience DBT’s platform. Allow our experts to demonstrate how your Company will benefit from DBT’s data quality tests, code performance & integration.

Active Cyber & DBT provide flexibility & functionality that fit your budget!

Together, we build the right tech stack for your organization. DBT perfectly integrates with your existing technology using native connections with platforms like Snowflake. DBT’s visual representation of data lineage, self-generated documentation, and file transfers allow your team to work smarter, not harder. Why wait? Get active now, we are excited to explore how to best serve your company.  

Active Cyber will consult with you to determine how your Company will benefit from Talend.

Whether you need:​

Talends' Data Fabric has it all. 

Together, we can simplify and streamline your business with Talend.

Active Cyber Consults with you to integrate Talend.

When We implement Talend, your Company immediately gains access to a myriad of unique benefits

It's Our mission to help your Company on its professional quest.

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