Data Services – Use Cases

  1. The Viewership Insights platform is a self-service portal that will serve a diverse audience with deep insights and analytics about content performance and consumer viewing behaviors. The platform will evolve from an observed behavior pattern to a predictive and prescriptive model over time.
  2. Viewership portal’s Snowflake and Looker application are managed on AWS facilities which comply with over 50 data security certifications, regulations, and frameworks. Physical security is managed by AWS, with facilities monitored by video surveillance and intrusion detection systems.
  3. Ensure PCI DSS data compliance for all of Viewership Portal data –in flight and at rest – by utilizing Looker’s and Snowflake’s PCI and PII Compliance standards.
  4. Support for user using Upstart roles for SSO (single sign-on) through federated authentication using SAML 2.0 compliant JWT (JSON Web Token) tokens.
  5. Control access to all objects in the account like Looker Views, Snowflake Database, schemas and tables by providing granular privileges to the users and roles.
  6. The core functionality of the API service authorizes and maps client requests to the Looker Data Access Layer
  7. Further, grant granular level privileges on Object and DML Actions like Select, Insert and Update based on the users’ Upstart Roles.
  8. No intermingling of Data and Prod Snowflake environments to ensure the Prod data is secure and not accessible by the Dev and Test environments by ensuring network level private link access.
  9. Use AWS Private Link to ensure that Snowflake and Looker to ensure data is not hacked by the man-in-the-middle scenarios.
  10. Finally, the security on the Private Link is further tightened by whitelisting and blacklisting of IP addresses.
  1. Cloud Data Warehouse (CDW) project is an initiative to build a data platform that would automate the processing of  data from the Enterprise Data Platform and load into the Data Warehouse for the Business Intelligence (BI) team to generate meaningful insights. This project has been started for the Mazda Financial Services client. It has been built on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Platform  using the Talend software for the ELT (Extract Load Transform) into the Snowflake Data Warehouse.
  2. CDW Platform is a Tier 1 application with a Gold level of service and is expected to be available 24 hours each day 7 days each week with the data layer in Snowflake database that stores the Lease data for the Mazda Financial Services (MFS) . The Data transformation will be via  Talend tool .This service is reusable and can be extended to include other tenants and is in alignment with the mFIn Architecture.
  3. S3 and EFS are region specific are a managed service within AWS. The CDW is Highly Available and is US-EAST-1 Region specific.
  4. Talend’s Remote Engine (RE) has been designed to be Fault-Tolerant within the Region by having them installed on the 2 sets of EC2s in two different AZs.
  5. Snowflake is  a managed service and exists in the US-EAST region. Auto-Sys is on AWS platform and is set for two AZs
  1. The objective of NBC Universal is to re-architecture and implement the existing data integration in Bigdata of Film Market Analytics application to Cloud technology. There are around 26 sources and 95 feeds whose data need to be integrated to the Film Market Analytics DB. Worked with Client Architecture team in designing the ETL flow from various sources (file, API, Teradata)
  2. Snowflake Data warehouse and to Hortonworks Hive through Amazon S3/Azure BLOB.
  3. Lead the team in analyzing the requirements, existing Bigdata application and ETL job design for data integration using Talend open integration suite
  4. JAD sessions with Business Users/SME to analyze re-architecture requirement and database requirements for data Integration in detail.
  5. Met the Project estimation in terms of cost/time for the requirements and Architected to Identify areas/process of improvement to increase efficiency and better ROI
  6. The team including the data-architect team supported the logical/Physical data model for Snowflake Data warehouse.