Data Services – Use Cases

A Common Access point to the multitude of ways consumers are interacting with their favorite brands is the use of an Identity and Access Management System (IAM). Such a system identifies the user based on specific credentials and then allows access to the most sacred parts of the website, which includes specific information about the user and their engagement patterns.

Unfortunately, IAM applications in themselves are not able to provide meaningful analytics, nor are they designed to combine identity data with enterprise data. Thus, it is difficult for companies to fully understand how customers engage with their brand across multiple channels of communications.

Online Customer Experience has never been more important since consumers have a lot of choices. Now, Active Cyber has designed a system that will take the Identity Data from IAM systems, combine with Enterprise Data, and apply user behavior analytics to gain insights into Customer Engagement. That insight will help the marketing department create up-selling and cross-selling opportunities and increase user experience to enhance Net Promoter scores.

Combining Security Analytics with Enterprise Data provides our customers a true 360-degree-view that supports new revenue opportunities. Snowflake’s new data platform enables you to ingest multi-structured and streaming data to securely collaborate with external data sets via the newest data exchange feature. Active Cyber has combined Snowflake’s reliable and scalable platform with identity insights to develop a unique view of customer behavior that helps you make predictions of future purchases. This new feature is the result of listening to our customers and creating a solution that has an immediate impact on your business.

Identity Fraud is on the rise during the COVID -19 Pandemic. More Consumers access applications virtually than ever. Students’ identity and personal information have always been a target for cyber criminals for financial gains. Students are more engaged in virtual classrooms and accessing their various learning platforms from public places that do not have proper security procedures in place.

Active Cyber has developed a solution where the identity of the student can be cross referenced on the fly by combining identity data with student curriculum data. If the appropriate behavior profile does not match up, a Multi-Factor Authentication is required. Enforcing a Multi-Factor Authentication will reduce the risk of identity fraud by 70% and significantly reduces cost for the institution to go after rogue users.