Workday Adaptive Planning 2020R2 Release

By Mikah Hughes and Stephen Ellis

The Workday Adaptive Planning 2020R2 Release has increased Workday Adaptive Planning’s functionality in User Experience, Office Connect, Modeling, and Data Encryption. New updates such as Derived Dimensions, Ad Hoc Analysis, Dynamic Access Rules, and Anomaly Detection demonstrate the powerful new tools available to Adaptive Users.

Major Releases:
  1. Derived Dimensions
    • With Derived Dimensions, you can now dynamically group data together with multi-dimensional lookup rules and populate values into your modeled sheets. Dynamically group data based on user-defined, multi-dimensional lookup rules to analyze possible impacts when planning key performance indicators based on new groupings.
  2. Office Connect
    • With the new Ad Hoc Analysis within Office Connect Reporting, we now have the ability to expand or collapse the parent elements in a report. Enabling you to view and analyze the underlying child elements in context to their top level roll-up.
  3. Dynamic Access Rules
    • When you create access rules using owned levels, the rules now dynamically update when you change the level ownership of users. Benefits of this new update to Access Rules are security by user group applies in more cases, generally need less rules to satisfy your use case, and those rules generally require less rows.
  4. Anomaly Detection
    • With intelligent planning, Workday Adaptive Planning learns from your data to identify patterns and detect anomalies within your plan versions. Workday Adaptive Planning is even able to use a machine learning algorithm to predict and populate your forecasted data and store it within a AIML-FORECAST Version.
Key Takeaways
  • With this new set of updates from the 2020R2 Release, Workday Adaptive Planning User’s functionality and ability has been expanded in a variety of sectors. Through these major releases we have increased our ability to analyze data, expand the functionality of our Access Rules, and gained the ability to predict forecasted data through Machine Learning. A complete list of the 2020R2 features are available within the Workday Adaptive Planning Knowledge Center.


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