Free Okta Cloud Connect implementation offered to Texas Academic Community

Did you see the news today? Active Cyber issued a press release stating that all Texas-based colleges and universities are invited to register to receive a free implementation of Okta Cloud Connect.

To protect students from the onslaught of phishing scams Active Cyber and Okta have teamed to deliver Okta Cloud Connect implementations to 20 Texas colleges and universities.

Why? It’s simple.

We have the expertise and the technology to stop this, and won’t just stand by and let it happen. As CEO of Active Cyber, a Texas-based company, and with 5 of my own children currently attending Texas universities, I can’t think of a better state to start in. We believe this will demonstrate to other colleges and universities how easy it is to protect their student email data. With cyber crime on the rise, it’s simply not an option anymore to leave students unprotected and at risk.

Texas-based colleges and universities can request their free Okta Cloud Connect implementation by visiting

“We’re pleased to support Active Cyber’s proactive efforts to provide a free, easy-to-use and secure identity solution to the academic community in Texas,” said Patrick McCue, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Partners, Okta. “Colleges and universities are responsible for a tremendous amount of data, whether its academic research or personal information of their faculty and students, and we look forward to our collaboration with Active Cyber as they continue their great work in this arena.” e evidence that the product or services does what it claims.